solution of the banned url

for the bloggers, this issue must have in dealing with, namely the problem of our blog URL by shoutmix getting banned, but no matter, there is a problem there must also be a way. a lot of our ways to deal with, among others, is to use url forwarding, short url, and divert our blog with another blog url.

First we will discuss the way the URL forwarding. This method proved successful, if we use this method we must first list the site URL fordwarding providers, for example I use site, for example I have the url forwarding, when the go to the URL will point in my blog, or the domain of doyok mas. how pretty easy, you just follow the way below:

1. you select the first domain in
2. Setup your domain name with a URL by selecting the URL forwarding.
3. Fill in the required data,
4. Click ok ..
5. Done deh.

The second way is by short url, using url penyingkat service site, which is actually still a lot sites such services but I prefer to

The third way to use blogs redirect, this way there are two scripts that will be used, among others:

1. by using the script below:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL="/>

put it in the koed <head> code .... </ head>

2. With this script:

<p> <! - webbot bot = "HTMLMarkup" startspan -> <form name="redirect">
<font face="Arial"> <b> You will be redirected to the script in <br> <br>
<input type="text" size="3" name="redirect2">
</ form>
seconds </ b> </ font>
</ center>

<! --

var targetURL = ""
var countdownfrom = 5

var document.redirect.redirect2.value = currentsecond = countdownfrom +1
countredirect function () (
if (currentsecond! = 1) (
currentsecond-= 1
document.redirect.redirect2.value = currentsecond
else (
window.location = targetURL
setTimeout ( "countredirect ()", 1000)

countredirect ()
</ script>
<! - webbot bot = "HTMLMarkup" endspan --></ p>
</ body>
</ html> </ body>
</ html>

put the script in your gadget.

It's over, hopefully with a few tips can be useful for those of you getting banned

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