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Temen2 would've Yupss know what will be discussed this time. We will discuss how to get my blog into your browser home page. What we discussed was the setting this time Blog So Home Page Browser:

1. Mozilla FireFox
2. Internet Explorer 6
3. Opera 10:10
4. Safari
5. Google Chrome
6. Flock

1. Mozilla Firefox

  • You Click Tools, Settings, see the picture below

  • On the veranda Blog URL change with you complete with HTTP
  • Click OK ..
  • Finish
2. Internet explore 6

  • Click Tools, Internet Options, see the picture:

  • In the Address section, change the URL Blog You complete with HTTP, see the picture:

  • Click OK ..
  • Finish

3. Opera 10.10

  • Click Tools, Preferences, see the picture:

  • In the Startup section, select a start with home page, then on the Home page change the URL Blog You complete with HTTP, see the picture:

  • click Ok ... done

4. Safari

  • click wheel, select Preferences
  • On the home page change the URLs you blog, see pictures:

  • Click close, finished

5. Google Chrome
  • At the top right corner, click on the pliers, then select option, see the picture

  • In the Home column, select open this page, trus in content with the URL Blog You, click the close

  • Click the lid, complete

6. Flock
  • Click Tools, options, look at the picture:

  • On the home page content with the Blog URL you see in the image:

  • Click Ok,,, complete

Hopefully the above tips, will help you


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