Sunan Muria


He is the son of Goddess-Saroh Giri brother and son Isaac Maulana Sheikh with Sunan Kalijaga. His first name was Raden Prawoto. Muria name taken from his last residence in the slopes of Mount Muria, 18 kilometers to the north of the Holy city.

Hollywood takes berdakwahnya many ways his father, Sunan Kalijaga. But unlike his father, Sunan Muria would rather live in very remote areas and far from the city center to spread the religion of Islam. Mingling with the common people, while teaching the skills of farming, trade and fishing is a favorite.

Sunan Muria also frequently used as a mediator in the internal conflict in the Sultanate of Demak (1518-1530). He is known as a person capable of solving problems no matter how complicated the problem. The solution was always solution acceptable to all warring parties. Sunan Muria preach from Jepara, Tayu, Juana, to about Ghost and Pati. One result is preaching through art songs and Kinanthi Sinom.


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