Losing assembly, Microsoft Will Change Ms.Word

Jakarta - Microsoft is rumored to be making changes to their property Word application. This is done after Microsoft lost a patent dispute with a Canadian company.

Changes that will be Microsoft to continue to sell Microsoft Office, one of their flagship application. As quoted from Wired, Wednesday (23/12/2009), Microsoft has announced it will make the changes shortly after the decision of the trial.

The trial court affirmed the previous decision that requires Microsoft to pay damages up to USD 290 million (approximately USD 2.7 trillion) for violating patents owned I4i, a Canadian-based company. The decision would also block the sale of Microsoft Word began January 11, 2010.

Version of Word which a breach is a Microsoft Word 2007 (part of a bundle of Microsoft Office 2007). Therefore, Microsoft said it will revoke a breach of the features that can be sold in order to keep Office 2007 in full after the date in question.

Patents that relate to the use of extensible markup language (XML) in the manipulation of text on a Word document. This patent dispute case was won by a small software company from Canada, Ltd. I4i.

Despite claims will change Word, Microsoft did not close the possibility of further steps in court. "Although we moved quickly to deal with the issue of injunction (blocking the sale of Microsoft Word-red), we also consider the legal options available," said Kevin Kutz, a spokesman for Microsoft.

Advanced options for Microsoft in the green table, doing new trial before a judge on appeal or submit a review of the United States Supreme Court.
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