Copyright stumble, Google Fined USD 4 Billion

France - Google once again tripped over copyright issues. This time Google Book service that causes the search engine giant is being dragged to court. Google also had to pay a fine worth U.S. $ 430,000 or approximately USD 4 billion.

The lawsuit against Google posted by a French publisher called La Martiniere. The publisher is accused Google had violated copyright by scanning books without permission publications.

A court in Paris and then dropped the penalty to Google for U.S. $ 430,000. The court also gave an additional fine of U.S. $ 14 thousand per day for the books or Google picked quotations. In addition, Google asked to stop the process of digitizing books France.

Quoted from TGdaily, Monday (21/12/2009), Google does not remain silent responding Paris court's decision. This giant will appeal.

Not yet clear whether this lawsuit will be a wedge for Google to realize his ambition, creating a virtual library for all the books in the world.

Some time ago, Google Book service has also been received from the coalition strikes Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon. In 2005, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers also sued Google for copyright infringement accusations. (Faw / fyk)

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