Sunan Gunung Jati


Many absurd stories are associated with Sunan Gunung Jati. Among them was that he never experienced such a spiritual journey of Isra 'Mi'raj, and met the Prophet SAWW, met the Prophet Khidr, and accept the will of the Prophet Sulaeman. (Babad Cirebon Klayan Manuscript hal.xxii).

All it suggests that the public admiration of Sunan Gunung Jati. Sunan Gunung Jati or Syarif Hidayatullah was born around the year is estimated to 1448 AD His mother is Nyai Rara Santang, daughter of the king Pajajaran Raden Rarasa Manah. While his father was the Sultan Sharif Maulana Huda Abdullah, magnifying the descendants of Hashim Egypt from Palestine.

Sharif Hidayatullah explore the science of religion since the age of 14 years of Egyptian scholars. He had traveled to various countries. Following the establishment of the Sultanate of Demak Bintoro, and for other clerical blessing, he founded the Sultanate of Cirebon is also known as the Sultanate Pakungwati.

Thus, Sunan Gunung Jati is the only "guardian Songo" to lead the government. Sunan Gunung Jati use his influence as the son of King Pajajaran to spread Islam from the coast to inland Cirebon Pasundan or Priangan.

In preaching, he embraced the Middle East tendency straightforward. But he also approached people with building the infrastructure of roads that connect across regions.

Together with his son, Maulana Hasanuddin, Sunan Gunung Jati is also an expedition to Banten. Local authorities, the General Pucuk, voluntarily handed over control of the Banten region which later became the origin of the Sultanate of Banten.

At the age of 89 years, Sunan Gunung Jati resigned his position to pursue only mission. Power is handed to Prince Pasarean. In the year 1568 AD, Sunan Gunung Jati's death at the age of 120 years, in Cirebon (formerly Carbon). He is buried in the Mount Sembung, Gunung Jati, about 15 kilometers before the town of Cirebon from the west.


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