Imam Ghazali and His student


One day, Imam Al Ghozali gathered with his disciples.
Then Imam Al Ghozali asked:
First, "What is most close to us in this world?".
His students have answered the parents, teachers, friends, and relatives. Imam Ghozali explain all the answers were correct. But the most close to us is "Dead". Because it was the promise of Allah Almighty which has a soul that each would have died. (Ali Imran; 185)
Then the Imam continued Ghozali the second question. "What's the most distant from ourselves in this world?".
There pupils who answered the Chinese nation, the moon, sun, and stars. Then Imam Ghozali explained that all the answers they give are correct. But the most correct is the past. However we, any of our vehicles, we still can not return to the past. Therefore we have to keep this day and the days that will come with a deed in accordance with the teachings of religion.
Then Imam Ghozali continue with the third question. "What is the greatest in this world?".
There pupils who answered the mountain, earth and sun. All the answers were correct Ghozali Imam said. But the greatest of which is in this world is "Lust" (Al-raf: 179). So we must be careful with our passion, do not let lust lead us to hell.
The fourth question is, "What is most severe in the world?".
No one answered steel, iron, and elephants. All the answers you're right, said Imam Ghozali, but the most severe is "holding TRUSTEES" (Al-Ahzab: 72). Plants, animals, mountains, and the angels all are not able to when Allah asked them to become caliph (leader) in the world. But the proud man undertakes a request Allah SWT, so a lot of people go to hell because he could not hold amanahnya.
The fifth question is, "What is the lightest in the world?".
No one answered cotton, wind, dust, and leaves. All that was said Imam Ghozali, but the lightest in the world is left Sholat. Because of our jobs leave the prayer, because we leave the prayer meeting.
Then the other six questions were, "Is the sharpest in the world?".
His students responded in unison, the sword ... It said Imam Ghozali, but the most acute is the "human tongue". Because the tongue, Man with heart and easily hurt his own brother hurt


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