The story of Ibrahim ibn Thabit


A pious man named Ibrahim ibn Thabit was walking on the outskirts of Kufa. Suddenly he saw an apple fall to the outside fence of a garden of fruit. See ripe red apple lying on the ground that saliva was published Thabit, particularly in a very hot day and in the midst of hunger and thirst of whack. So without thinking dimakannyalah collected and apples that look very delicious. However, only half the food she remembered that the apples were not his and he has not had the owners permission.

So he immediately went to the orchard with the intention to meet with the owners to justify the apples had already eaten.

In the garden he met a man. So he just said, "I've eaten half of this apple. I hope you menghalalkannya ". The man answered, "I'm not the owner of this garden. I just assigned khadamnya treat and take care of his garden ". Thabit apologetically asked, "Where is the house owner? I'll see him and ask for an apple that has permitted this I ate. "Garden board told," If you want to go there and you have to travel a day and night ". Thabit ibn Ibrahim was determined to go see the owner's garden. He told the parents that, "No why. I'll still go see him, though his home away. I have eaten the apple that does not lawful for me because, without permission from the owner. Did not the Prophet has warned us through his saying: "Who's body grows from the unlawful, then he is more worthy of being the bait fires of hell."

Thabit went to the house's owner, and when I got there he knocked on the door. When the landlord opened the door, direct Thabit polite greeting, and said, "O generous gentleman, I've already eaten half of the apples that fell to host a garden outside the master. Would you therefore justify what he already ate it? "The old man in front of Thabit studied it carefully. Then he said suddenly, "No, I can not menghalalkannya except on one condition." Thabit was concerned with the condition for fear he could not fulfill. So he immediately asked, "What are the requirements that the commissioner?" The man answered, "You should marry my daughter!" Thabit ibn Ibrahim did not understand what his purpose was, he said, "Is it because I only ate half the fruit that falls apelmu out of your garden, I have to marry your daughter? "But the owner was ignored Thabit question. Instead he added, he said, "Before the wedding begins you must know first the deficiencies of my daughter's. He was a blind, mute, and deaf. More than that he was also a girl who was paralyzed! "Thabit was very surprised with the owner information. He thinks in his heart, whether such a woman deserves her as a wife persunting because he ate half an apple is not lawful to him? Then the owner of the vineyard said again, "Apart from that condition I can not justify what you eat!" But then Thabit replied confidently, "I will accept pinangannya and marriage. I was determined to conduct a transaction with God Rabbul 'Alamin. For that I will fulfill the obligations and my rights to him because I really hope that God is always meridhaiku and hopefully I can improve the goodness sake of Allah, the Exalted ".

So pernikahanpun implemented. The owner of the garden was presented two witnesses who will witness their ceremony. After the marriage ended, Thabit went to his wife are welcome. As Thabit about to enter the bridal chamber, he thought would keep saying hello even though she was deaf and mute, because God is not an angel on the loose in the house certainly not deaf and dumb, too. Then she began to say hello, "Assalamu'alaykum ...." No warning at all in front of the woman and now she's officially a greeting with a good answer. When Thabit went to over to her, she reached out to greet her. Once again Thabit surprised because the woman who is now his wife took his hand. Thabit terhentak had witnessed this fact. "Her father said he was deaf and mute woman, but he turned out to welcome greeting well. If that means the woman in front of me was able to hear and not dumb. His father also said that he was blind and paralyzed, but he was greeted warmly and extended his hand with too intimate, "Thabit said in his heart. Thabit wondered why her father delivered the news as opposed to actual reality? After Thabit sat beside his wife, he asked, "Your father told me that you are blind. Why? "She then said," My father was right, because I have never seen anything forbidden by God ". Thabit asked again, "Your father also said that you are deaf. Why? "She said," My father was right, because I never want to hear the news and stories of people who do not make the pleasure of Allah. My father also told you that I was mute and paralyzed, was not it? "Asked the woman to Thabit who is now legally become her husband. Thabit agreed nodded slowly her questions. Later she said, "I say dumb because in many ways I just use my tongue to refer to Allaah have asthma. I also said my leg was paralyzed due to never go to places that could cause annoyance Allah, the Exalted ".

Thabit very happy to get a wife who was very pious and women who will keep her and protect her rights as a good husband. She proudly said of his wife, "When I saw his face ... ... Subhanallah, he's like a full moon on a dark night".

Thabit and his wife is beautiful and pretty salihah was living in harmony and happiness. Not long after they were blessed with a son who transmit their knowledge to wisdom over the world. That Al Imam Abu Hanifah An-Nu'man ibn Thabit.


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