Elizabeth Bathory - Women's harshest in the history

Throughout human history recorded the name Bathory elizabeth, namely a serial killer who broke the record in the history of murder 650 murder cases, Bathory elizabeth is also a woman who followed the flow of the devil, who believe that the virgin blood bath would make ageless .. want to know more stories neighbor Elizabeth Bathory - Women's harshest throughout history?

Top left is the painting Self While Elizabeth Bathory Elizabeth Bathory 25 years Aged born in Hungary in 1560 years, approximately 100 years after Vlad the Impaler "Dracul died

Elizabeth Bathory, a serial killer is the largest in history, more than 650 recorded human lives wasted floating in hand.
This is a record achievement of serial murder committed by an individual with the highest casualties in the history of mankind.

Elizabeth's great-grandfather was Prince Stephen Bathory Bathory who is one who led the Knights Darcul Vlad when he regained power in Walachia a century earlier.
Elizabeth's parents, George and Anna is a wealthy nobleman, and is one of the richest noble families in Hungary at that time.

His extended family also consists of orang2 respected. One cousin was the prime minister in Hungary, and another is the Cardinal.
Even his uncle, Stepehen later became King of Poland.
But the Bathory family has a 'side' yg other more 'darker' than all the wealth and popularity.
Mentioned that one of the other uncle was a believer Satanis and Paganism as a cousin, another reply has mental health and sexual crimes loved.

Year 1575, at the age of 15 years Elizabeth was married to Count Ferencz Nadasdy is 10 years older than him.
Because he comes from the lower nobility, the Count Ferencz Nadasdy Bathory name behind.
Thus, she could still use the family name and not be Bathory Nadasdy. Both couples then they will be staying at the Castle Csejthe, yg is a castle in the mountains with the village Csejhte dilembah below.
She seldom accompanied her husband because Count Ferencz more often in the field of battle against the Ottoman Empire (Ottoman).
Ferencz later became famous for his bravery on the battlefield, and even considered a hero in Hungary with the nickname 'Black Hero of Hungary ".

Elizabeth wrote young would always feel lonely because her husband was always left behind. Mentioned he has a habit of admiring her beauty and then have a lot of reply's lover during her husband's serve was not in place.
She even had to escape with his mistress but then come back and forgave her husband.
But they will not cut it addicted to her sexual satisfaction. Elizabeth also mentioned being a bisexual a lesbian have sex with his aunt, Countess Klara Bathory

She then began to be affected by olehsalah taught Satanism wrote an immediate reply maid named Dorothea Szentes biasadisebut Dorka reply.
Because of the influence of Dorka, Bathory began enjoying sexual gratification through torture yg done to other pelayan2 young. Besides Dorka, Elizabeth assisted some of his closest servants: Sisters Iloona Joo, Johannes Ujvary manservant and a maid named Anna Darvula, who doubles as her lover.
Together with the S & M crew her, she changed Csejthe castle became the center of terror and sexual abuse.
The reply was young gadis2 servant tortured with various forms of torture such as tied, stripped and whipped, and also use various tools to hurt some body bagian2.

In 1600, her husband Ferencz died and the era of real terror begins. Entering the age of 40 years Elizabeth realized that her beauty began to fade.
Her skin started to show aging and wrinkles tanda2 the truth in the age they will be commonplace. But Elizabeth is a devotee of perfection and beauty and she will do anything to preserve her beauty.
One time by accident a journey career woman was combing her hair accidentally pulled her hair too hard.
Elizabeth wrote angry and slapped the poor girl tsb. Blood emanating from the girl's nose and they will be on her palms.
As Elizabeth mentioned that 'thought and believed' that the young girl's blood they will emit light of their youth.
He immediately ordered the 2 servants, Johannes Dorka Ujvary and they will strip the girl, pulled the ladder up the bathtub and cut her veins.
When the girl died from blood loss, she immediately went into the tub and soak in pools of blood.

Examples illustrating the replica dalamkamar actual events Elizabeth Bathory bathing.

He found what he believed reply as 'Secrets of Youth'. When all the young waitress was dead, she began to recruit young girls in the surrounding villages to become a servant in the castle.
They are all the same fate, tied above the bath and then cut their veins until they are dripping blood out into the tub tsb. Elizabeth often bathe in pools of blood as she watched her dying victim wrote dripping blood to death.
She occasionally drank the blood of even the girls they will be to get 'INNERBEAUTY'.
She gradually felt that the blood of the village girls they will be still less for him. By getting blood wrote more 'quality', Elizabeth's blood and then the girls minor nobility.
He then did a lot of kidnapping of aristocratic women to be victims. But it just backfired on him because of the loss of aristocratic women quickly gained attention among the nobility, orang2 effect until the King himself.

December 30, 1610, an army under the leadership of Elizabeth's own cousin, raided Castle Csejthe at night.
They were all surprised to see a sight for sore they found in the castle.
The bodies of a pale girl bled to reply lying on the dining table, a young girl surviving longer but dying was found tied to a pole with two slashed his veins until the dripping blood.
Found in dozens of prisons Dibagian yg girl was killed on hold waiting for their turn. Then in the basement found in more than 50 corpses wrote most had started to rot.
During the trial of Elizabeth Bathory in the year 1611 at least 650 list of names obtained korban2nya reports from various parties.
Keluarga2 ranging from farmers to keluarga2 royalty. Elizabeth herself never brought to trial in the court directly.
Just reply to the 4 servants were tried and then sentenced to death. But Elizabeth is also a punishment. King of Hungary ordered her locked in her room at the Castle Csejthe for the rest of his life. The workers then deployed to close all doors and windows of her room space with a wall with a small hole left behind only reply is used for food and beverages included sehari2.

Year 1614, or 4 years after Elizabeth's in-wall insulation with dikamarnya itself, a guard saw the meal served to her was not touched during the day. The guard then peeked in and saw the Countess lying face down with his face on the floor. Elizabeth Bathory 'The Blood Countess' died at the age of 54 years. Even Vlad Dracul never wallowed in the blood or taking blood. Hence the nickname 'Vampire' is really more suited addressed to Elizabeth Bathory.

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