Secret Trick to Get Whatever via Rapidshare Files

All lovers download must know that his name Rapidshare. This place is download one antep. All the files exist there. Starting from songs, software, marketing tools, games, just complete dah. Best of the tool or product is worth thousands of dollars I also managed to get via Rapidshare. Hehe.

The problem now is, how the hell do I search for any file via rapidshare to find a product that is worth thousands of dollars? Rapidshare does not provide a right of search.

's Easy, just ordered Google to search for any files in the rapidshare. Guaranteed almost all the files in the world is in rapidshare if you are clever;)

First you go to not Note addres address in your browser bar. Make sure to search results more widely.

Second, think you want to search for any file first. Suppose you want to get high resolution wallpaper found difficult everywhere:)

Type in the Google command like this but do not dienter first:


That is the basic command for the user in rapidshare. Could also to search for files uploaded by users.

Okay .. after understand basic commands, you are now behind the file type you want to search. Examples:

site: wallpaper

Or if you wish to search for vector design with the command:

site: vector.

If the file you are looking for more than one word, such as two-five-word .. use quotation marks in order to get maximum results. For example adobe photoshop software. Use the command:

site: "adobe photoshop"

Later you will find the search results, next steps you must know. Kalo ga know ... hohoho .. cape with a stay in the search results click trus click the file name.

Okay .. now I'll want to know the tricks rapidsharenya download faster?

Sell my premium account sold for Rp.75.000 to download the 30 day maximum 5Gb per day or 80GB per month. Excess rather than free, you can multi-download (download 5 files at once and live work), no time to wait, could resume, cuman free download 15 times a day while the premium to 5GB / day or more no problem.

And lastly, will I help you find the file on rapidshare klo still cares:). Ga gapapa also bought ..:)

Happy Download!

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