Tips Facebook : How to Show Emotion Automatic On Facebook

Perhaps many are confused by the title, my own bingung.hehehe
gini mean, when you first if you want to show the emotion on facebook of course you have to memorize the code is not smileynya code, whereas emotion on facebook code number is not small, if you do not believe please read again about the emotion on facebook here.
So what's the difference?? The only difference is you no longer need to memorize the code code the emotion, because emotion is already appeared in our facebook chat box, such as when you chat on Yahoo Messenger.Gimana? Certainly interested in it?

By installing firefox add-ons and a few scripts from userscript site then we can add a list of Emoticons, emoticons that can be displayed on the facebook chat.
The trick is as follows:

1. Download add-ons for firefox in

https: / /
Install the add-ons are in your firefox.
Once installed, restart your firefox.

2. After the install script provided by userscript site are:
After all is installed, restart your firefox.

3. Open your facebook and tried to chat with your friend, then automatically display the emotion will appear on your chat page.

Screnshoutnya following:


Source :  YOYOK


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