Marching band

One extracurriculars which is loved by student enthusiostically is Marching Band. Its name is BAHANA MEDsA. The students are trained by three trainers. They are Drs. Cipto Handoyo, M.Pd, Eko andatin. They are from UNY. One techer who helps the UNY team is Bu Warni, thecounselor and dance teacher od SMPN 1 Sleman.

SMPN 1 Sleman has two groups of Marching Band. One is eight year students group and the other is seven year students group. Each group has two leaders standing upright. The eight year student leaders are hernita (VIII A) and Ovie (VIIi E). The seven year . Although their experience is still little, but they have had self confidence.

Finally, I have suggestions to BAHANA MEDsA, They are:

First, fix woke.

Second, never give up.

Third, Own self confidence.

Fourth, always practice

Fifth, always listen to trainers lesson.

I hope yo can reach succes.

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Source: An English Magazine for everybody in SMPN 1 Sleman "CONTACT". is written by: Alifia Ayu Tiastari ( 2006)

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