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COmputer, of course isn't foreign for us. The electronic media that has interesting progams in instructed in our loved scholl.

Computer progam in our school is trained for class VII, VIII, IX's lesson, TIK and with extracurricular computer itself. I will discuss about extracurricularcomputer in our school.

Since some years ago, ectracurriclar computer has been trainded in our school. In this year extracurricular is also intructed for class VII. This extracurricular has the character :volunteer. The teacher is our librarian, Mr. Rustamaji.

This year isn't like some years ago. Why? Because thus tear there aren't boring progams such as Lotus and Wordstars. This year is only trained Ms. Word, Ms.Excel, and Ms. Poer Point. Computer sets that are used are Computer Pentium 2, 3, 4, and Core 2 Duo.

About the purpose of extracurricular Computer SMPN 1 Sleman in order not to overdue from Science and Technology in this period.

When I ask the opinion from one of students class VII about extracurricular computer in our school, SMP 1 Sleman, she answered." Extracurricular COmputer in our school is good and interesting. But, I hope the time of this extra is added and all of the computersare Pentium 4 since our school is National Standard School. Why the computers haven't Pentium 4 yet?"

I think, it is true, ALl of computer in our schoool mus be Pentium 4. Our school is also giving Internet progams for their student in order not to overdue from other Hunior High School I that have National Standard. Agree?
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