Create Guest Book (Part 3)


Install the guest book is something I think is important, because through books tamulah visitors can leave the trail, because without the guest book we do not know that there are visitors who drop by or not. But there are some bloggers who do not really like, because they think it makes them not posting the comments by the visitors. But it's up to them.

Ok .. at this point we have discussed for the guest book using oggix facilities. I've also memostingkan about creating a guest book through shoutmix and also about how to install the shoutbox Cbox on blogspot but is not perhaps of temen-temen one likes to cbox. Let's have a first:

1. You open oggix site first, then the home page looks like the image below:

2. Click the Icon Get it Now these, then you are taken to the registration page as shown below:

3. Fill the column in accordance with the data yourself

4. when you're done click the icon in the register as below:

5. Next you will be brought to the login page, as shown below:

6. After logging in you brought to the page control panel, then you click install shoutbox, see picture:

7. next ... after the click-click install shoutbox HTML code that appears in the bottom after you click.

8. After that you tampilannyanya settings ... by passing phase STEP BY STEP.

9. Finished until step 5 you will be given code code htmlnya COPY tersebu Ok.

10. Done

The assembly process on the blog:

For the new Blogger:

1. Please Login with your id
2. Click the Layout menu
3. Click Page Element
4. Click Add a Page Element
5. Click the Add to Blog which is under writing HTML / JavaScript
6. Write the title of your shoutbox on the form title. Example: my guest book, or my guestbook or whatever you like
7. Copy and paste the HTML code in your shoutbox form Content
8. Click the Save Changes button
9. Drag & Drop elements you created earlier in the place of love
10. Press the Save
11. Done

Good luck!

the last words I took from postnya kang rohman.


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