Create a Guest Book (Part 2)


Install the guest book is something I think is important, because through books tamulah visitors can leave the trail, because without the guest book we do not know that there are visitors who drop by or not. But there are some bloggers who do not really like, because they think it makes them not posting the comments by the visitors. But it's up to them.

Ok .. at this point we have discussed for the guest book by using CBOX facilities. I've also publish articles about creating a guest book through shoutmix. But Dad was not perhaps of temen-temen one likes to cbox. Let's have a first:

1. You open the CBOX site first, then the home page looks like below:

2. Then you click Get your own Cbox Now, it looks like the following view:

3. Fill the column with the following provisions:

Cbox name: The content in your cbox name
Email address: The content of the email address you
Password: The contents of your keywords to login
Confirm Password: Repeat the password
Website: The contents of the address of your blog / website you
Language: Select the language you Cbox
Style: Select the view to be desired

Check the words I have read and agree to the Cbox terms and conditions of service. As the picture below:

4. When all are finished click the Create My Cbox as shown below:

5. Maka Kamu Akan di bawa ke halaman login seperti gambar di bawah :

6. You are logged in at the top of the bottom right using your username and password.

7. After logging in you will be under the control panel to the page like the figure below:

8. You insert details Account Data

9. Click Publish to get JSnya code.

10. So looks like the picture below, and JS Kopy all the code contained in the box:

11. Done.

The assembly process on the blog:

For the new Blogger:

1. Please Login with your id
2. Click the Layout menu
3. Click Page Element
4. Click Add a Page Element
5. Click the Add to Blog which is under writing HTML / JavaScript
6. Write the title of your shoutbox on the form title. Example: my guest book, or my guestbook or whatever you like
7. Copy and paste the HTML code in your shoutbox form Content
8. Click the Save Changes button
9. Drag & Drop elements you created earlier in the place of love
10. Press the Save
11. Done

Good luck!

the last words I took from postnya kang rohman.


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