Causes BLog It's hard Developing


Hem .. Surely my friends surprised why I like this post memostingkan. This is because I want to convey why the age of blogs that this year almost 1 ranking really slow down. Mas Doyok not like the blog age much younger than the blog q. Now doyok mas dah blog has a stable position.

Many of the causes why the blog is difficult to develop. That's what I want to express in this post,

1. Problems Left

Time is very important if you want to do seuatu. Diantarannya blogging, in this case I only have a relatively very little to blogging. is only one hour per day. This is because since 2009 this year I was sitting in class 3 smp. So .. I am now focused on UNAS stone.

2. I just think it looks just from the posts

View interesting blog without blog content is supported with useful not satisfactory. The visitors did not just want to see the display but also kontenya blog. In this case because I was a kid, I just like tinkering with the look of my blog from the blog's content.

3. Lack of inspiration in terms Ngeposting

Blog This includes the slow updates. At most I only post updates once a month. or one week.

4. Lack Follower and Blog Walking

Got a blog up to thousands of followers would be nice, like blogs kang rohman. This new blog has a few followers. And also my blog walking less because I made blogwalking males. And it is important for the advanced blog.

So ... I hope you are not experiencing the things I experienced.

Hopefully useful


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