How to Put on Facebook Blog badge


Bored with the look of the blog-that's all?

Want to promote your facebook blog that you create?

Well, on occasion this time I will tell you how. Kalo who do not know how the results will we make it, tough on the right side of my blog. Facebook badge that was not it? Now that results. It is my facebook badge made.

1. First you need to log on facebook, just click disini
2. Click Profile.
3. Then Look at the bottom of a friend,
4. Next, you select "BUAT LENCANA BARU"

How to laying on the blogger:

1. You must be logged in
2. Then click the layout.
3. Add Gadgets.
4. Select the HTML / java script
5. Enter the HTML that you copy from your facebook.
6. Good luck ....


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