It’s become a regular event for Apple to unveil the latest version of the iPhone at its Worldwide Developers Conference held in early June, but there have been numerous indications that this year’s iPhone may be delayed.
Now MacRumors reports receiving word from an AT&T customer care representative that we won’t be seeing the iPhone 5 within the usual timeframe. The rep claims to have gotten word from Apple that there will be no new iPhone in June-July.
This info came out after a sharp-eyed MacRumors reader noticed that the eligibility date for his next subsidized upgrade has been pushed back by five months and questioned AT&T about the change. The agent gave him this statement: “Apple has informed us that they do not plan to release the iPhone in the June to July timeframe, though there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we have not been given a release time for the new phone. We will release this information on our website when it is available to us.”
You can bet that won’t be anytime soon, since Apple likes to reveal this sort of thing at the last minute for maximum impact and media buzz. So why the delay? Maybe to give more time to sell the Verizon iPhone 4 and the white iPhone 4? Whatever the reason, the iPhone 5 better be astounding and revolutionary rather than just a slightly more advanced version of the previous one.

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