Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Samsung Corby can you see in the other page in this web, and now The new Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 is one of the best we’ve ever seen come out of the Korean company’s backyard in a long time. It’s packed with a whole lot of features including a 3.5-inch AMOLED resistive touch screen, a powerful 800 MHz processor, and loads of built-in applications, to name a few. However, what a lot of people have been raving about is Samsung’s success in invigorating the Windows Mobile operating system on the B7610 through a fully customised user interface. Read on below to understand what all the fuss is about.

When they were designing the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610, Samsung must have had Windows Mobile’s rather unimpressive reputation in mind. Critics have been going on and on about the shortcomings of this operating system, especially when it comes to touch optimization. Fortunately, Samsung has made vast improvements on its proprietary user interface that almost makes us forget about the problems brought about by WinMo. In fact, if it weren’t for the small Windows start menu icon on the top right corner of the screen, one might forget that he was dealing with a Microsoft-powered mobile OS.

From the settings menu all the way to the phonebook, Samsung was successful in concealing the boring native menus that come with Windows Mobile. Their new and improved TouchWiz UI provides users with a fresh look that shows some semblance of those installed in Samsungs’ non-Smart devices – which have had considerable success in the past.

Separate Lives

A neat feature on the TouchWiz interface is that it provides users with two separate home screens – one for work and the other for life mode. This allows users to switch from one mode to another depending on where they are and to be able to suit their needs more. Both have pre-installed widgets that are very useful, but easily interchangeable as well. Users can simply select their favourite widgets and place them directly on the home screen for quick access to the most important applications.

Widget Wonder

Delving deeper, the B7610’s many widgets are truly wonderful to use. They have been improved significantly both functionally and visually. Samsung has also decided to go all out in customising these widgets to rid them of the mundane nature of Windows Mobile. For instance, the new Task Manager on the B7610 doesn’t only provide useful information such as the device’s CPU and RAM footprint, but its look is quite awesome as well.

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