'Energy Drink' unik & aneh (PIC ++)

Suka minum energy drink?

Minuman energi (energy drink) adalah jenis minuman yang ditujukan untuk menambah energi seseorang yang meminumnya. Bagi beberapa kalangan, minuman energi diminum dengan tujuan untuk mencegah kantuk. Jika umumnya di luar negeri (Amerika Serikat), minuman energi digolongkan sebagai minuman ringan, di Indonesia, minuman energi digolongkan sebagai minuman kesehatan.

Ini dia berbagai macam energy drink yang unik & aneh

• Duff Energy Drink
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Energy drink inspired by a fictional brand of beer from the animated series The Simpsons.

• Glow in the Dark Energy Drink
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Nite Owl combines a unique energy drink, a glow-in-the-dark shot glass tray, and dry ice.

• LiftOff Energy Drink
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Portable energy drink helps fight physical and mental fatigue.

• Super Mario Energy Drink
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Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Power Up! Energy Drink.

• Mana Energy Drink
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Mana Energy Potion was created with gamers in mind. Each tiny shot is loaded with 160mg of caffeine and tons of other energy boosters.

• Duracell Battery Energy Drink
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Cool energy drink spotted in the nether-regions of Bratislava.

• Tru Blood Energy Drink
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Fictional energy drink created to promote “True Blood” TV show.

• Hand Grenade Energy Drink
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Unusual grenade inspired 250ml energy drink with a pull tab.

• Vodka Energy Drink
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P.i.n.k. is a caffeine infused vodka imported from the Netherlands and blended with guaranĂ¡ extract.

• Tylenol Energy Drink
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Loren Kulesus has designed a Tylenol energy drink that would reduce pain and provide energy without the caffeine.

• Light Bulb Energy Drink
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In originally designed light bulb shaped bottle, Gloji drink is all about energy, antioxidants and balanced health.

• Cocaine Energy Drink
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Highly caffeinated energy drink that contains three and a half times (280 mg) the caffeine of a more popular energy drink, Red Bull.

• Blood Energy Drink
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Blood Energy Potion looks and tastes like real blood and comes in a resealable, transfusion-style blood bag.

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