What's wrong with malaysia?


Maybe you're a bit confused by this title, but this is reality. takboletakboletakbole

Our neighboring country of Malaysia with the nerve Pendet claim, which it clearly is a traditional Balinese dance. Malaysia listed in the ad Pendet visit their year. Previously, they had claimed angklung, reog Ponorogo, batik, Hombo Rock, and Dance Folaya.

Wah-wah emang kebanetan malaysia it, what they buadaya less, so they claim our culture as their culture. Not only the culture of course, Malaysia is also trying to seize the island from the hands of Homeland Ambalat, when Google Earth is also acknowledged that the island belongs to Indonesia Ambalat.

Who passed away still, but as the next generation of our nation will not forget our national culture. do not let the culture of our ancestors diambuil by other nations.



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