Hack Billing Explorer

When we start the computer in a cybercafe that first appeared when windows starts is the client billing login screen that covered the entire area of windows. Function Alt + Tab and Ctrl + Alt + Del is usually went along with the-disable to force us login through the billing program.
Actually, when we face the computer's login screen is ready to run. Only hampered by the annoying login screen it. Naah ...'ve know what I would jelasin? Kalo udah tau, aja brenti read. Rather than die of boredom

Yess .. absolutely right. What we need to do is hide the login window without having to login. There are many window progie for nyembunyiin, one ZHider. I will only describe the use ZHider. For those who use laen progie please read the manual, but to note is that you use progie should be able to show / hide window hotkey pake windows coz we've covered the same damn login screen.
Which should be prepared:
1. ZHider program. Find yourself pake om google. Small size kok, ga sampe half the contents of the disks.
I nemunya pas smp but only now kepake
2. Stupid face
3. Mentally strong
01. Sign in internet cafe and let me put away stupid suspected operators ga
02. Make sure other boxes / booths that we live there is another box empty. Let ga suspected really.
03. Try to find a place far from the op, so ga caught empty box what you do.
04. Turn on your front when the company was still in a state of death.
05. When entered login screen, login as usual wrote.
06. Run ZHider prepared on floppy disk / flash. Kalo belom there, aja pake google search.
07. After the executable ZHider wrote logout.
08. Naah, the login screen, we begin our exciting action. Press Ctrl + Alt + Z.. Jreeeng, login screen has disappeared!
09. Browsinglah fullest, but still make sure there was another empty box. It strange if someone in Internet cafe, he saw udah full. Yet look at the billing server there is not logged.
10. Kalo is puass press Ctrl + Alt + X to bring back the missing login screen where either:)
11. Login as usual and browsing a few minutes until the pointer to the tariff rates we want. This is so ga suspected.
12. Logout. Prepare a stupid face, and then pay the tariff.
This method is easier if the operator dilalukan ga too familiar to you. Moreover, if the op is often wander.
Here are some ZHider hotkey that can be used, for other hotkey please read the readme file that came with zhider
CTRL + ALT + Z Hide active window
CTRL + ALT + X Displays return all hidden windows
CTRL + ALT + L Displays the dialog zhider
CTRL + ALT + F Displays return all hidden windows, and also closed the zhider.
Kalo ga how the above can dilakuin, stop your efforts. In fact your evil deeds are not blessed Lord
Reply immediately caught pertebal "stupid face" you. For example say "Eh, kok jadi gini ya? Engadget gini kok ga. "Ato other words, depending on your creativity.

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