How to Install Guest Book Bag 1

sure to know what it shoutmix?? Shoutmix I think it means that the use of visitors to comment unutuk. Nor for the promotion of blogs.

If no shoutmix (or others) will visitors will not interested in blogs that we make.

following way:): D we take to put shoutmix on our blog

Step Peratama:

1. Which must shoutmix Site Open
2. We first register, immediately click here aja
3. Fill in all the proposed requirements.
4. If you want to change the display click on the column display, the Style & Colors
5. If you want to add a smiley, click here
6. Kalo all've finished, the columns click Quick Start Get codes

Step two:

1. Log in blogger
2. Layout
3. Page Element
4. Add Gadged
5. HTML / Java Script
6. Enter the code into it ...
7. Done ...

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