Microsoft Excel

1. Understanding Microsoft Excel

Ms. Excel is one of the microsoft products that Coporation is a processing program number (spreadsheef) is an application program on budang finance, accounting, inventory, etc..

Ms. Excel is in accordance with the processor number. Ms. Excel there are some that need to be in isltilah known as sheer work, cell, column, row and so on.

operates Ms. Excel

For a worksheet to be done in various ways, other anatara through short cut, and through the start of Kazakhstan Tobol.

a. Ms. run. Excel through the short cut.
After tapilan computers to the desktop, then click the Ms cut short. Excel and hit enter or double click the short cut.

b. through the start button
Laukan the following steps to launch Ms. Excel

1. click START
2. Click Progam
3. Click the Microsoft Office
4. Click Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Hopefully useful

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